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Posted on May 26, 2014 by yellow bungalow


There’s no denying we love a bit of indoor greenery, and we’re always on the hunt for interesting plants to freshen up our store and home. Finding the perfect vase or pot plant is just the half of it; the size, shape, colour and smell of what goes inside can make a big impact on the overall feel  of your living spaces.


Here’s our top five favourite indoor plants, along with some of our tips we’ve learned along the way for keeping them alive longer than a week….


  1. AGAVE: Hailing from Mexico, these robust succulents will last a lifetime when kept in fresh water in a jar or vase. Their interesting shape adds energy to living spaces in need of a pick-me-up. 

  2. SILVER DROP EUCALYPTUS: Best displayed in a glass vase or beaker full of water, these silvery green leaves emit a beautifully fresh and zesty aroma. 

  3. JADE: Like Agave, Jade plants are pretty much impossible to kill - and can survive in just water or potted in soil. Our favourite way to display jade is taking a small cutting from a bigger tree and housing in quirky glass beakers and tubes. 

  4. MONSTERA: Monstera leaves look perfect in tall glass vases, and live FOREVER;  change the water on a weekly basis and it may well just live as long as you. We have had one in store for six months now and it hasn't aged a day. 

  5. FIDDLE LEAF FIG: How could we leave this little guy off the list? A forever favourite, this beauty is the darling of indoor greenery. Spray or flick leaves with a dash of water weekly, and polish with a dry cloth to remove any dust. 

We have all five of these greens brightening up the store at the moment, along with some beautiful vases and pot plants to house them in. Drop in to see our range, and have a chat about the best places to buy these plants in Sydney. 


All the best for your home, 

the yb team 


Images via The Design Files, Trendenser, Justin Blakeney, Kinfolk, Old Brand New, Luisa Brimble, Zulu & Zephyr 

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