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Posted on December 10, 2012 by yellow bungalow

Its hard to believe that 2012 is drawing to a close already!

Its been a HUGE year for the YB team, making the jump from corporate life to retail life has been fun! (there's probably a book we could write one day!) To wrap up the year we have carefully selected a number of pieces from the store for our summer sale.

So, if you have been visiting us and coveting a particular piece, come in for a peek as we have reduced prices on some stock up to 20%. 

Hope to see you in-store soon!

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Christmas shopping in Bondi

Posted on November 15, 2012 by yellow bungalow

Yes,  It's here, there's no denying it, Christmas has arrived, You only need to take a walk through Westfield to see the decorations or switch on the TV and see that Bing Lee are giving away free turkeys again. As promised the tree's went up at yellow bungalow today, we have kept it simple and there is not a trace of tinsel in the store!

To make things a little easier this year, we have compiled a list of stores in Bondi where you can complete your shopping, It's much easier than fighting the crowds and the traffic heading up to the Junction.

Here's what's on our list, and where to get it.

1. It's going to be a long hot summer, so new boardies are definitely in order.

We love these Ennis boardshorts ($89.95) from General Pants Co

2. It's been a long year and every(body) needs a break like this Breathless treatment ($45) from Aesop

3. Straight after christmas the YB team are heading to New York, New shoes are definitely in order, these VANS from Platypus shoes will do nicely thanks. 

4. All this shopping has got to make you thirsty, so a quick break for a beer at Icebergs sounds about right.

5. Those prawns were just a starter right? Now we really need to eat, a fast lunch at The Corner House hits the spot.

6. Back to the shopping, and we are off to La Macelleria to stock up for the big day of eating.

7. Just around the corner at the Bondi Markets you can find a gift for anyone in your life!

8. Last on the list, but the most rewarding is a remedial massage at The Last Resort

Stay close to home for your Christmas shopping, Take a walk (or bike)  around our great neighbourhood and enjoy the sunshine!

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