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Posted on August 08, 2013 by yellow bungalow

Ever get that feeling that you are onto something good? Every now and then a few things come across the desk (AKA  the dining room table) at the YB headquarters that make us stop.  We've been searching non stop these past few months to find new ranges to add to our collection of furniture and we are pretty pleased with what we have found!


Allot of our customers have been searching for the elusive perfect coffee table.  It's a tough one, there is a heap of choice, but like you, we think coffee tables need to be beautiful, functional, sizable but not the centre of the room. We have sent so many of our Nordic side tables off to new homes in the past 11 months we thought you needed another option, so we've got 2 new styles coming in next week.  Plus a brand new bookcase ( part of a big collection of furniture) and a beautiful new floor lamp.

Stay in touch with us via facebook, pinterest, twitter and instagram to get the previews next week!

As always, we are updating the stock in the store all the time, so drop by next time you are on Bondi road for a look and chat.


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a place called home- mr jason grant

Posted on April 03, 2013 by yellow bungalow

Every now and then something happens that makes you smile.

Today it's the launch of "A place called home" by stylist Mr Jason Grant.

Jason is Bondi local (after moving from sunny Melbourne several years ago). He's a regular at yellow bungalow and is always on hand to offer us some style advice for the store, or recommend new products, there's no denying we are huge fans of his relaxed coastal style. 

When we first learned Jason was creating his first style book, we were excited beyond belief! Our only other book in the store is from another friend Karen McCartney who is responsible for giving Jason his break in the industry.  Now 50/60/70 and 70/80/90 by Karen and A place called home by Jason sit side by side at yellow bungalow.

Jason's first book is like receiving a years worth of interior style mags all at once! his approach is not to present house after house, but instead his book is laid out by spaces and the pages (all 270+) are filled with insider style tips and style ideas from Jason.

HUGE congrats Mr Jason Grant!

Stay up to date with everything Mr Jason Grant by joining his loyal blog and instagram followers.

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Italian ceramics we love

Posted on February 07, 2013 by yellow bungalow

Everyone has their favourite things right? for some people it's shoes (AKA Carrie bradshaw) even trainers (AKA Mel Cornford over at The Workout Room) We even have a friend who has just about every pair of haviana's ever made.

For us, our obsession is fast becoming 1970's Italian ceramics, lamps, plates, vases, bowls even ashtrays! We have always been fond of a little orange in the home, the YB headquarters has two Italian glass orange lampshades in the living/dining room, So when we went hunting for vintage finds recently we couldn't help but snap up these amazing lamps.

These classic pieces fit so well into the mix at YB and you had better be quick if you would like one, as after they debuted on Facebook and Instagram we have received requests from all over for these!

We will keep our eye's out for more, if you have a piece of furniture you are looking for, just let us know via and we will be happy to help you find it!

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top 5 instagrammers to watch

Posted on October 30, 2012 by yellow bungalow

We love instagram, its like a peak inside the minds of some very creative and talented people (well it also reveals why allot of people should keep their phones switched off) but, we'll stick to the positive. Its definitely an addiction and about the only time it's not being checked or updated is when we are watching some serious lifestyle channel or Q&A on ABC1, Did you see Sekai Holland, the Zimbabwean Co-Minister of State for National Healing and Reconciliation last night? A truly inspiring woman. But back to Instagram.

Our Top 5 instagrammers to watch are:

1. Denoodle

The very talented and Bondi centric Tim captures some very rare moments on the sand,  Browsing through Tim's feed is almost like being inside the mind of a surfer, Tim's shots are often taken in the moments just before or just after the surfer hits the water and provide a sense of the ritual of surfing.

2. 77 Atomic

This resident of Surry Hills is an urban lover,  We dont know how he manges it, but he always seems to venture outside at the right moment, In-fact he's currently holed up in New York with a bottle of champagne taking refuge from hurricane Sandy, so we hope he stays safe and is back soon to share with us his lovely world.

3. Mel Cornford

Former online editor of body+soul, and founder of fitness blog The Workout Room, Mel Cornford is an amazing inspiration. Her daily doses of sunshine, healthy recipes and the incredible views she shares with us from her workout rooms are more than enough to keep us motivated.

4. Dogs of Bondi

It's no secret we love dogs at yellow bungalow, when your brand ambassador is a 30 kilo golden labrador who sheds hair like there's no tomorrow, its hard to ignore. The thing we love the most about Dogs of Bondi is the sense of community, These guys really do bring everyone together. We were proud as punch when Ruby started featuring on the Dogs of Bondi Instagram,  what's her best pic to date? It's the one above with 95 likes and counting :-)

5. Edit_owie

Another Bondi local, Owie provides us with a look inside the art world as editor of Art Almanac, Owie takes us to galleries and places far beyond the Bondi bubble, but we also love his morning ritual, a walk at the beach with his gorgeous puppy Eric. When will Eric have his own Instagram Owie?

If you are addicted to Instagram as we are, look us up by searching for #yellowbungalow

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