help! I'm working at home

Posted on February 18, 2013 by yellow bungalow

It's so common these days for people to work at home, flexible companies, soaring rents for city space, part time workers, full-time bloggers and the occasional "mental health" day means lots of people find themselves camped out on the sofa or at the kitchen bench. You don't have to sacrifice style to work at home, Here are 4 tips to make working at home even more enjoyable.

1. Invest in a good desk.

Having a space to think allows you to work more effectively, Trying to sound intelligent on a conference call while not bumping the kettle off the stove makes no sense! Allocating a space for a desk means you can effectively "go to work" without leaving home.

New Nordic desk $1,500

2. Ensure you have good lighting

Most office spaces are full of light, either though large glass windows or an abundance of overhead fluro lights.  Having the right amount of light means you dont strain to read your documents, either online or on paper. An overhead light and a desk lamp for concentrated light will help you work.

Ricco lamp

Ricco desk lamp $49 (Available in Black, White, Red, Yellow)

3. You are still at home so make it homely!

One of the benefits of working at home is the home comforts, so grab yourself a throw blanket, a cushion, your favourite tea cup, call the dog or the cat to sit with you and relax into work.

Print Society Cushion

The Print Society Cushions and Worldweave Herringbone Rug

4. Get inspired

Surround yourself with things you love, Pick up a pinboard and add pictures that make you smile, use inspiring books to keep yourself motivated and play some music that allows you to think.

50/60/70 karen mccartney

Karen McCartney's 50/60/70 and 70/80/90 Iconic Australian Houses.

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we love visitors at yellow bungalow

Posted on September 10, 2012 by yellow bungalow

We love when friends drop in to see us at yellow bungalow, and last week we had a visit from Karen McCartney the founding editor of Inside Out magazine and fellow lover of mid-century danish design. Karen and yellow bungalow go way back to the early days of digital publishing (before we even knew what an app was!).

Karen has a brilliant eye for design and its such a pleasure to share a coffee with her and gain her insight into what makes a good room become a great design. During her visit karen moved objects around to photograph them for her Instagram profile with such a grace like she had been in the store for years!

If you fall in love with Karen's style you can see where she gets her inspiration in her two books 50,60,70 and 70,80,90 Australian Iconic Houses, both available in-store.

You can read all about Karens visit on the Temple & Webster blog.

Image: Temple & Webster

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