Do you struggle to find exactly what you are looking for? We know the feeling, And we also know the feeling you get when you find the right piece of furniture for your home, it's the " I know it when i see it" theory!

The team at yellow bungalow have moved house no less then 11 times! We have decorated and re-decorated our homes hundreds of times over and spent an absurd number of hours researching desks, chairs, beds, lights, rugs, sideboards, coffee tables, consoles, vases, cushions, bowls and baskets!

Let us help you find the right products for your home.  Our services range from free quick simple searches for one off items, to in-home design advice and product sourcing.

If you are having trouble finding the right products for your home, let us help, Drop us a line to to see how we can help, or stop in and see us at 221 Bondi Road, Bondi.